Expert Discloses Several Flaws Found in Sugar CRM

A researcher has discovered several vulnerabilities in SugarCRM’s popular customer relationship management (CRM) product. While most of the flaws appear to have been patched, the expert’s disclosure suggests that the vendor needs to make some improvements in how it communicates with individuals who report security holes.
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Organizations Fail to Maintain the Principal of Least Privilege

Security requires that confidential commercial data is protected; compliance requires the same for personal information. The difficulty for business is the sheer volume of data generated makes it difficult to know where all the data resides, and who has access to it. A new report shows that 47% of analyzed organizations in 2016 had at least 1,000 sensitive files open to every employee; and 22% had 12,000 or more.
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Blueprint for a Modern Enterprise Security Program

There’s no doubt, we’re living in a data and intelligence-driven world when it comes to enterprise security. The volume, velocity, and complexity of information security data that must be processed to detect advanced attacks and, at the same time, support new business initiatives has been growing exponentially. However, data in its raw form is still only a means to an end.
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