Setting up your penetration testing lab using Metasploit

In this post, we will discuss about building your own pen-testing lab using virtual machines to effectively perform tests in a localized environment. You can always have a Penetration Testing lab set up by using multiple machines and it is considered the ideal setup as well. But what if you have an emergency and you immediately need to set up a testing scenario and you only have a single machine? Well using a virtual machine is the obvious answer. You can work simultaneously on more than one operating system and perform the task of penetration testing. So let us have a quick look at how we can set up a penetration testing lab on a single system with the help of a virtual machine.

We will be using a virtual box to set up two virtual machines with BackTrack 5 and WindowsXP SP2 operating systems. Our host system is a windows 7 machine. We will need the virtualbox installer and either an image file or an installation disk of the two operating systems we want to set up in the virtual machine. So our complete setup will consist of a host system running windows 7 with two virtual systems running Backtrack 5 and WindowsXP SP2 respectively.

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