Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity

It is almost as if the greater the number of cybersecurity products that flood onto the market, the more intense the increase in cybercrime and cyberattacks become. There are quantifiably more breaches and incidents of compromised information assets today than there were a year ago. A lot more.

The consequences are growing as well. Now we have class action lawsuits against a 3 year-old breach at Home Depot, tens of millions of dollars of SWIFT fraud, and new strains of credit card malware resulting in 3.2 million cards breached through Hitachi’s payment services systems in POS and ATM accounts in India. And that was just October.

As we learn to handle the currently known attacks, cybercriminals find new ways to get around, under and through our best defenses. Many of us have come to realize that there are no silver-bullet solutions to achieve cybersecurity and that no one technology, no one vendor, no one “project” will ultimately suffice.

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