Information Gathering And Scanning in Penetration testing

Information gathering is the first basic step towards penetration testing. This step is carried out to find out as much information about the target machine as possible. The more information we have, the better will be our chances of exploiting the target. During the information gathering phase, our main focus is to collect facts about the target machine, such as the ip address ,available services, open ports. This information plays a vital role in the process of penetration testing. There are basically three types of techniques used in information gathering.

* Passive information gathering
* Active information gathering
* Social engineering

In this chapter, we will analyze the various passive and active techniques of information gathering in detail. Metasploit has several built in scanning capabilities, as well as some third-party tools integrated with it to further enhance the process of port scanning. We will analyze both the inbuilt scanners, as well as some of the popular third-party scanners which work over the Metasploit framework.

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