Daily Posts 1/31/2017 - 2/02/2017

In not-too-distant future, brain hackers could steal your deepest secrets, by ArsTechnica - OAKLAND, Calif.-In the beginning, people hacked phones. In the decades to follow, hackers turned to computers, smartphones, Internet-connected security cameras, and other so-called Internet of things devices. The next frontier may be your brain, which is a lot easier to hack than most people think. Come join the discussion!

My way of recovering from a #Docker #Swarm meltdown effectively, by Philippe Bogaerts - In case of storage, network issues, DHCP or a system crash it might happen that the swarm cluster is not recovering from the failure.

BSidesSF 2017: AtomBombing - Injecting Code Using Windows’ Atoms, by Tal Liberman - I'm speaking at bsides San Francisco 2017 on Monday, February 13th at 2:50 PM. I will present a code injection technique, dubbed AtomBombing, which exploits windows atom tables and Async procedure Calls (APC).

Stuck in Traffic vlog #270 - SAST and the Malicious Insider, by J. Wolfgang Goerlich - Static application security testing‍ (SAST‍) can ensure clean code. But that is not the same as ensuring secure applications‍. Here's a cautionary tale.

ICS Sandbox: Diving into the ICS Threat Landscape at RSA Conference, by Tripwire - During the second week of February, information security professionals will head over to San Francisco to attend RSA, one of The State of Security's top 13 conferences for 2017. The conference is primarily focused on information security-related topics and typically draws over 45,000 attendees per year, making it one of the largest information security related events in the world. Will you attend?

Proud to announce: Peerlyst and Nullcon partner to bring Q&A online to increase knowledge transfer, by Peerlyst - It takes time and dedication to be a cybersecurity‍ professional, no matter which type of job you do in our line of business.

Will Back Ups Be Enough?, by Bradley Dougherty - As companies and consumers slowly begin to adapt practices to mitigate ransomware attacks: doxware, a new variant, could become more popular, making more difficult to avoid payment.

Forensic Discussion: New Potential of Browser Forensics, by Animesh Shaw - Today, I want to discuss something related to browser forensics‍. It's not a tutorial or any blog article but my primary aim is to discuss the new potential of browser forensics, what has been done and what should be done.