Cybersecurity threatscape: Bigger and badder than ever, by Avast Blog

The reason cybersecurity is a process, not a one-time solution, is that the Bad Guys - whether careless or malicious employees, hacktivists, cybercriminals, or rogue governments (not to be confused with the good governments, which only spy on us for our benefit) - are a problem that will never go away. Come join the discussion!

The IoT Files: The need for cryptography in IoT, by Antonio Ieranò

One of the main arguments that should be touched by IoT discussion is cryptography. There is an undisputed consensus that cryptography is a mandatory requirement to preserve security and privacy in the IoT world, but we are far away for a general consensus on how to operate.

Know Everything About The Malicious Domain Generating Alogrithm, by Anshuman kak

A domain Generating algorithm or the DGA as it is popularly known is a type of program that can help malware in getting new domains instantly whenever someone controlling the software demands. The algorithm became very famous after conficker started spreading.