May 2015

Bad Bots' Impact on Mobile Web Traffic Rose in 2014: Research

Bots are busy little bees on the Internet, and the world of mobile computing may be their next frontier.
According to new research from Distil Networks, 2014 was the first year that bots masking themselves as mobile web users began arriving in droves and a mobile carrier [T-Mobile USA] appeared on the list of the top 20 Internet Service Providers serving bad bot traffic.
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Researcher Says Starbucks Threatened Him Over Gift Card Exploit

A security researcher said he found a way to generate unlimited amounts of money on Starbucks gift cards. The coffee company doesn’t seem to be pleased with the way the expert tested his findings.
Starbucks gift cards can be managed by creating an account on Users can check their balances and transfer funds from one card to another using these accounts.
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