March 2015

UN Creates Digital Privacy Watchdog

The UN Human Rights Council on Thursday decided to appoint an investigator to look into violations of digital privacy rights, following revelations of large-scale cyber-snooping by Washington and others.
The council, which counts the United States among its 47 members, adopted by consensus the resolution establishing the three-year watchdog position.
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U.S. Government Requests for Yahoo User Data Drop

Yahoo received nearly 5,000 requests for user data from the United States government in the last six months of 2014 and disclosed some content in nearly 25 percent of those cases. The company said in its new transparency report that it received between 0-999 National Security Letters from the U.S. government, too. The latest report from […]

Risk-Driven Security: The Approach to Keep Pace With Advanced Threats

The catch phrase “intelligence-driven security” has never sat particularly well with me. Those who have read my pieces or have heard me speak may find this statement a bit surprising. The regular reader knows that I believe strongly in intelligence as a component of a successful and mature security program. Among its many virtues, intelligence improves detection, informs decision-making, and accelerates response.