Audit of GitHub SSH Keys Finds Many Still Vulnerable to Old Debian Bug

An audit of the SSH keys associated with more than a million GitHub accounts shows that some users have weak, easily factorable keys and many more are using keys that are still vulnerable to the Debian OpenSSL bug disclosed seven years ago. The public SSH keys that users associate with their GitHub account are visible to […]

US Congress Curbs NSA Surveillance, Sends Bill to Obama

The US Senate passed landmark legislation Tuesday that ends the government's bulk telephone data dragnet, reining in the most controversial surveillance program since the 9/11 attacks of 2001.
The House of Representatives has already passed the measure, which also reauthorizes key national security programs that had lapsed early this week.
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U.S. and Japan to Cooperate on Cybersecurity, Information Sharing

The United States and Japan have agreed to cooperate more closely on cybersecurity and information sharing initiatives as a way to help both countries defend against future threats and attacks. The new initiative will include a variety of components, most notably cooperation during serious incidents, cooperation between the two countries’ cybersecurity and defense units, and […]